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Изображение навигационных трекеров A-Serias и Integral 4

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Moderate prices

UAB EDVADO offers maximal functionality with both hardware and software, while still maintaining affordable prices for you and your business.

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Every single device passes through a thorough test: we provide a 1 year warranty.


Our shipping policy is simple yet effective: just choose your prefered delivery service and we will do the rest!

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We won’t give you up nor desert you: every question you have will be answered and every problem will be solved by our Support Team in no time.

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UAB EDVADO stands tall among the best telematic device manufacturers in the world.

Our company offers a wide range of products: GPS trackers and GPS beacons, as well as related devices like Fuel Level Sensors, CAN bus readers and many more.

We thoroughly control every step of manufacturing: from tech design and components to QC and visual design.

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VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)

VTS Locavist offers you a ready solution for all your tracking needs.

Online Vehicle Tracking

With Locavist you can easily watch over your vehicles, their state and exact location online.

Pre-installed tracker gathers all information about the vehicle: determines coordinates, vehicle’s speed, trace passage through control points and monitor state of various sensors.

Fuel level control

Fuel level control is possible with Fuel Level Sensors (FLS) installed. FLS exchanges data with tracker-controller and shows the expense, refills and fuel drains. FLS can be connected with RS-485 interface or Bluetooth connection.


Notification module’s purpose is simple: you’ll be notified about any important event occurred with the vehicle. Notifications can be set up for one or multiple objects and for different users.

Driver control

It’s possible to create driver cards with information about each driver, assign them to different vehicles and group them in any way needed. Moreover, you can gather statistics on traffic rules violations: overspeeding, dangerous manoeuvring, sharp acceleration or hard braking.

With such data you can easily analyse driver’s work quality and job description followance.


You can make routes and route patterns, appoint destination points and control vehicles on the route.


This module is designed for planning vehicle’s maintenance, forecasting exact date and cost based on hours and mileage; moreover, this system allows you to schedule maintenance plans.


This system is not only about online monitoring: you can make reports, tables and graphs which show the work of different sensors, their state and readings.

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